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Become a Leader and Transition to a Charge Nurse

A nursing career offers plenty of opportunities for growth to advance your career and enjoy greater success. Charge nurses are registered nurses (RNs) in leadership roles who balance the responsibilities of several roles in one. They are caretakers, point people, supervisors, and liaisons.

Besides caring for patients, charge nurses also must stay abreast of everything during their shifts. They handle communications between various members of the health care facilities, create schedules, and oversee patient admissions and discharges at hospitals.

If you are looking for a leadership role as a nurse, becoming a charge nurse may be for you. From diversifying your work experience to enhancing your educational background through nursing continuing education courses, we’ll cover some of the tips you need to know to become a charge nurse.

What is a Chare Nurse?

Charge nurses are also called lead nurses or unit supervisors. Their role can entail several responsibilities based on what is necessary to manage the nursing floor. Your specific duties as a charge nurse can be different based on your unique role, but some of the responsibilities include:

  • Creating work schedules and assigning nursing staff to patients
  • Providing oversight to other nurses and mentoring them
  • Delegating various tasks related to patient care
  • Handling patient admissions and discharges
  • Performing job interviews and performance evaluations

Charge nurses must have excellent communication skills, have extensive experience, and be well-organized professionals. They must be quick on their feet, understand how to resolve conflicts, be motivated, and be aware of the larger picture.

How to Become a Charge Nurse

Nurses must be ambitious and highly motivated professionals to be considered viable candidates to take on the role of a Charge Nurse. Beyond being licensed and registered, they also should consider having at least three years of experience in their specific field to be considered for the position.

Gain Experience in Various Fields

To become a charge nurse, it is important to have experience handling various roles. Showing the ability to take on new roles and expand your skill set can help improve your chances of being considered for the role.

Charge nurses are responsible for guiding other nursing staff and mentoring them. Taking on such a role will be impossible without understanding different responsibilities. Demonstrating organizational skills and the ability to communicate, and being quick on your feet are also valuable assets for prospective charge nurses.

Diversify Your Education

Having the innate nature of a leader and relevant experience are crucial factors in becoming a charge nurse. Prospective charge nurses must also demonstrate their willingness to excel in the role by pursuing more credentials. Taking nursing continuing education courses to expand on theoretical skills can make you a valuable candidate for the role.

With online nursing CEUs like the those offered at Fast CE For Less at www.fastceforless.com, you can improve your chances of becoming a charge nurse. Consider pursuing online nursing education courses as you accumulate work experience to become a successful leader and transition to a charge nurse.

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