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Frequently Asked Questions


Some of Our Most Common Questions

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How to Navigate the website

  • Select your state to review state course bundles and individual courses.
  • The All Access Pass can be purchased for $29.99, or individual courses can be purchased for $5.00 per unit.
  • With your All Access Pass purchase, you can select state bundles or individual courses from ‘Available Courses’. Individually purchased courses will be found under ‘My Courses’.
  • Once state bundles are selected, they can be located under ‘My Courses’.
  • Upon completion of a course evaluation, your certificate will be stored under ‘My Certificates’.
  • Certificates can be saved, downloaded, and printed.
  • All subscribers are responsible for knowing their state nursing license renewal requirements.

A. Yes, you can view the course content but not the Fast Facts. When you purchase the course bundle or individual course, you will have full access to the content, Fast Facts, pre- and post-tests and the certificate of completion.

A. Yes, and there are no additional fees when changing courses or adding new courses. The courses in each state’s course bundle are preselected to meet the state’s license renewal requirements. The preselected courses may be changed, or additional courses may be selected by our customers who have purchased the $29.99 All Access Pass that allows for full access to the content on our website for one year.

A. No. Your membership is good for 12 months. At the end of the 12-month expiration date, your account will expire. You will have the option to resubscribe under your profile name.

A. No. A test is not required. All of our courses will allow you to receive a certificate of course completion by simply filling out a short evaluation form. Some State boards do require a test for certain courses. Make sure you know your state requirements.

A. Certificates of completion can be printed from your account area or downloaded in real-time after test or evaluation completion. All Certificates will be maintained in your personal Dashboard. It is imperative that you input your name, license number, and state correctly. Fast CE For Less is not responsible for inaccurate errors in submissions.

A. Go to My Account and click on Forgot Username and/or Password to reset and gain access to your account.

A. Maintaining your membership will provide you access to your account. Upon expiration of your membership, you will not have access to your account or certificate. If your membership expires, you may contact us for a copy of your certificate.

A. If you live outside of the state of New York, or do not currently have a New York license, you’ll need to use your current state’s license to register for the courses. If you do not have a license number, input XXX to register for the course.

A. Once you have full access to a program or class, you may not cancel or seek a refund. Fast CE For Less may cancel your access in the event that you breach this agreement or in the event of non-payment.

A. Yes. Fast CE For Less is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing #NV000839 and recognized by all States and Territories, approved through CE Broker #50-30438 for the states of Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, and West Virginia, Wyoming, California Board of Registered Nursing #17693, and the New York State Education Department- Child Abuse and Maltreatment #80955, and Infection Control #IC 207. 

A. Fast CE For Less automatically submits completed continuing education hours earned for Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, and West Virginia to CE Broker.

A. Email your questions or problems to support@fastceforless.com.

FAST FACTS are great summaries of course content

Your time is important to us, and we have created Fast Facts to help you improve your understanding of the course content. The Fast Facts provides a condensed review of the course highlights. Our Fast Facts are available with purchase of the course bundles or individual courses.


Each course is written to meet state requirements and improve the registrant’s understanding of the learning content. Once you register you will have access to the course content for one full year, including the optional pretests and posttests. Upon completion of the course evaluation, you will receive your certificate.

We know that your time is important

We understand that meeting your state’s license renewal requirements takes time. For ease of meeting state requirements, Fast CE For Less offers streamlined course bundles that are tailored to each state.

To help with learning the content of the courses, we also offer our Fast Facts, which are included with each registration. Whether you are a new nurse learning a new subject, or an experienced nurse who just wants to brush up on a familiar topic, our Fast Facts are the perfect way to learn! The Fast Facts provides a condensed review of the course content highlights.

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