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Travel Nurses Have Great Job Opportunities!

Travel Nurses Have Diverse Opportunities

Nursing is such an admirable profession. Individuals educated in the profession have opportunities to work in numerous environments, including acute care hospitals, long-term care institutions, home health agencies, outpatient clinics, and much more. Nurses can also work as case managers, admission coordinators, quality assurance specialists, or in areas that require specialized training, including surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, obstetrics, or orthopedics. Many obtain advanced degrees and work as nurse practitioners, midwives, and nurse anesthetists. Travel nurses provide quality nursing services nationwide with licenses that meet nursing continuing education requirements through course completion, such as the nursing continuing education courses offered by Fast CE For Less at www.fastceforless.com.

A Brief History of Travel Nursing


For qualified nurses who want to get more out of their careers, Travel Nursing has been nothing short of a revolution. Beyond the significant bump in pay it affords, the sheer freedom of traveling around the country and seeing novel places while gaining important, resume-building experience is something that can only be described as “life-changing.”

But it has not always been that way. In fact, Travel Nursing is still a young movement, having only been around for about forty years. By contrast, modern nursing is about 175 years old, dating back to the beginning of Florence Nightingale’s career.

Travel Nursing is Born

Although Nightingale traveled throughout her career, the modern concept of Travel Nursing did not really begin until 1978, when hospitals in New Orleans began to build up their nursing staff to manage the swell of traffic they would experience during Mardi Gras. With only so many qualified nurses around, hospitals in the Big Easy put the word out to other communities that they needed temporary help, and Travel Nursing was born.

During the 1980s, this practice began to catch on, as hospitals in places such as Florida and Arizona began to recognize the substantial jump in patients they would treat during the winter months. Rather than maintaining a full staff year-round, it made more financial sense for them to staff up seasonally. It was not long before hospitals everywhere were exploring flexible staffing options to meet their needs.

During this time, rapid advancements in medicine and booming populations were in the process of creating a shortage in skilled nursing, which many hospitals sought to solve by hiring nurses on a temporary basis. As more hospitals accepted the practice to meet their staffing needs, more agencies cropped up to help nurses fill those needs.

The Rise of Travel Nursing Continues Today

Of course, the nursing shortage that gave rise to the Travel Nursing movement continues to this day, with no sign of abating. The World Health Organization estimates a global shortfall of nearly 4.3 million health care professionals including both nurses and physicians. For many hospitals and other acute care facilities, Travel Nursing has become an absolute necessity, and the competition for qualified nurses is often fierce.

Thus, today’s Travel Nurses are in high demand and can earn as much as 25% more than staff nurses, depending upon their specialty.

There is a remarkably high demand for traveling nurses and the wages will vary based on per diem shifts, the nurse’s knowledge base, skill sets and nursing degree level. Many nurses enjoy being a traveling nurse because it allows them to establish a more stable work-life-balance.

According to TravelNursing.com the demand for travel nurses continues to grow throughout the country. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to take your career to new levels while gaining flexibility and freedom.

The Benefits of Travel Nursing and Housing Resources

Travel Nursing Allows You To…

  • Choose where and when you want to work.
  • Earn competitive pay, top-rate benefits and free, private housing or a housing stipend.
  • Expand your clinical and professional skill sets.
  • Meet new people and create lasting friendships while traveling the country.
  • Work at the nation’s most prestigious facilities.

Through TravelNurseHousing.com nurses can connect with property owners who will assist with furnished housing without booking fees. Thousands of furnished rooms, cottages, backhouses, condominiums, and apartments can be found on the website.

Employers can also provide great support to nurses seeking to utilize their skills and knowledge as a traveling nurse by helping with housing resources. Below is a list of healthcare staffing companies that help in locating housing for nurses.

  • 50 States Staffing
  • Accountable HC
  • Advance Med
  • AdvantageRN
  • American Traveler Staffing Professionals
  • AMN healthcare
  • Atlas MedStaff
  • Aureus Medical Group
  • Aya Health
  • Aya Healthcare
  • Cirrus Medical
  • Club Staffing
  • CoreMedical Group
  • Cross Country TravCorps
  • Delta Healthcare Providers
  • Emerald Health Solutions
  • FastStaff
  • Flexcare Medical Staffing
  • Fresenius Medical Services
  • Fusion Medical Staffing
  • HOST healthcare
  • Jackson Nurse
  • Liquid Agents
  • LRS Healthcare
  • MAS Staffing
  • Medical Solutions
  • Medical Staffing Network
  • Medical Staffing Solutions
  • Nurse choice
  • Nurses RX
  • One StaffMed
  • Onestaff Medical
  • Onward Healthcare
  • Parallon Workforce Solutions
  • PPR
  • PPR Travel Nursing
  • Primetime
  • RepublicHealth
  • RN network

Nurses should travel for opportunities to earn higher wages, visit new states or countries, and cultivate new friendships. Having an active current license in multiple states will allow the nurse mobility to travel freely or the nurse can become licensed in a compact state where one license is recognized by several states.

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