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Renew Delaware RN License: A Step-by-Step Guide

The US healthcare system is facing a significant problem; there is a substantial shortage of nurses. While Delaware may have less of a nursing shortage than other states, the shortage is still problematic. The Delaware Board of Nursing (DBON) is encouraging more professionals to join the ranks as nurses to help alleviate the nursing shortage. 

For those practicing as a registered nurse (RN) in the state, renewing a nursing license is critical to continue practicing. If you are a registered nurse in Delaware and fail to renew your license on time, you cannot practice. Renewing after the application deadline passes can result in penalties and other consequences. In addition to renewing your license on time, you must also fulfill nursing continuing education requirements as part of the license renewal process.

Fast CE For Less offers affordable and convenient online nursing CEUs to help nurses nationwide meet their nursing continuing education requirements. To help nurses understand the renewal process, we have also created guides to explain license renewal requirements for nurses in various states. Today, we will explain the process of renewing your registered nurse license in Delaware.

Steps to Renew Your Registered Nurse License in Delaware

Nursing boards throughout the country must ensure they maintain the highest care delivery standards. Depending on the state, the regulatory bodies responsible for issuing registered nurse licenses require nurses to renew their credentials every two to three years. In Delaware, the DBON requires registered nurses in Delaware to renew their credentials every two years.

This section of the guide will cover the steps involved in registered nurse license renewal in Delaware.

Step 1: Identify the Application Deadline for Your Registered Nurse License Renewal 

Before you can apply for a license renewal, you must determine when your current license expires.  Depending on when you received your initial license, the deadline can be February 28, May 31, or September 30 of the upcoming odd-numbered year (For instance, 2023, 2025). All of the licenses issued recently by DBON will expire on September 30 in odd-numbered years.

To ensure you can keep practicing legally, you must renew your license before it expires. Visit the DBON Verification page to confirm the status of your license. Fortunately, the DBON will send you a renewal notice to your registered email address a few months before it expires to ensure you do not miss the deadline.

Step 2:  Complete Your Nursing Continuing Education Requirement 

A critical part of the license renewal process for RNs throughout the country is to complete nursing continuing education requirements. Each state’s nursing board sets its own requirements for how many courses RNs must complete to qualify for license renewal. The DBON requires RNs to renew their licenses every two years. For each renewal period, the board requires RNs to complete at least 30 contact hours of nursing continuing education courses. While you can take courses aligning with the specialty you want to pursue, you must have at least three contact hours on substance abuse courses completed for registered nurse license renewal in Delaware.

Step 3: Complete & File Your Application

When the Delaware Board of Nursing sends you notification regarding your license expiration, you will have a few months to complete and submit your license renewal application. To begin the process, you must use the board’s online professional licensure system called DELPROS. The notification email will explain how to access your license renewal application on DELPROS.

After logging in, you can access the renewal application. Once the process begins, DELPROS will ask you questions regarding your RN license renewal. Answer all of the questions asked by the platform, including filling in the information regarding your continuing education certifications. After you answer all of the questions and provide the documentation necessary for your continuing education requirements, you must use a credit card to pay the renewal fees.

Understand the Renewal Process and Continuing Education Requirements

Following the prompts and answering all questions, you can easily submit your license renewal application. That said, the Delaware Board of Nursing has revised its regulations regarding license renewals and license reinstatements. When you submit an application to renew your registered nurse license in Delaware, you must also provide workforce data to the board.

The DBON collects this data through Nursys e-Notify. All RNs in Delaware must understand that registering and maintaining a Nursys e-Notify account is now integral to license renewals. If you fail to provide the workforce data requested, the DBON will place a hold on your license until you register and verify your Nursys e-Notify account.

To register, go to Nursys e-Notify. Once you sign up, provide the workforce data requested by the platform. If you already have a Nursys e-Notify account, log into it and update your information. Here’s a quick look at the steps to register with Nursys e-Notify:

  • Visit nursys.com/enotify
  • Select the “As a Nurse” option, then click “Create a nurse account” to begin the process.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions. Once you understand them, click “I agree” to acknowledge it and move to the next step.
  • Next, you must provide your email address, verify it, and verify you are not a robot.
  • After you provide the email address, Nursys e-Notify will email you to explain what you must do to finish registration.

You must register with Nursys e-Notify and update the requested information within a year of your existing license’s expiration.

Regarding the nursing continuing education requirements, you must take courses approved by the Delaware Board of Nursing. To learn more about the continuing education requirements for Delaware registered nurses and access course bundles designed for it, visit www.fastceforless.com/nursing-ce-delaware.

If the time to renew your license is near, state board-approved online nursing CEUs like those available at www.fastceforless.com can help you meet the requirements to renew your license..

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