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Reasons to Consider Being a School Nurse

Many people across various industries find themselves yearning for some vacation time as summer approaches each year, or at least for some time away from work. Nursing is a profession where people typically do not have months long vacations– except for school nurses. Summertime breaks are a massive perk these nurses may enjoy, but that is not the only reason you might want to consider this career. Today’s post will discuss a few top reasons to consider training to become a school nurse.

You Get More Stable Work Hours

One of the biggest reasons to consider are the possible stability in work hours. Depending on the school where you are employed, you will likely have work hours between 8 am to 3 pm, or 9 am to 4 pm.

Many registered nurses at hospitals struggle with the odd hours in shifts that can begin late or start very early in the morning. As a school nurse, you can enjoy more stable work hours and possibly a substantial time off each year.

You Get to Educate the Youth

If you want to be a nurse and get the opportunity to educate the youth while maintaining reasonable hours, you might have a great reason to choose this field. You will get the opportunity to help children feel better and also play a role as an educator.

School nurses often take on the responsibility of health education for students. You can positively influence the community by helping educate children who are better informed about their health.

There is a Need for More School Nurses

“Let us never consider ourselves finished, nurses. We must be learning all of our lives.” — Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing

Nursing is an in-demand profession, and there are plenty of opportunities to work as a school nurse. Studies have found that 2022 will end with over 100,000 RN job openings, more than any other profession. There will also be a substantial demand for school nurses in the coming years. Now would be as ideal a time as any to pursue a career as a school nurse.

Constantly expanding your skills will be necessary to lead a successful nursing career. Online nursing continuing education courses like courses offered at Fast CE For Less at  www.fastceforless.com are designed to help you improve upon skills needed for success as a school nurse.

These compelling reasons to consider being a school nurse can combine with the edge you can get through our nursing CEUs to start a fulfilling career.

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