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The Exercise Craze: Pickleball and Padel Ball

Playing various sports is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. In addition to keeping your body in great shape, exercises increase mobility and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Whether you are young or old, keeping your body moving is a great way to stay in excellent health. There are a ton of sports that are popular for the terrific workout they provide. Among them, two sports have been gaining popularity recently: Pickleball and Padel Ball.

Those familiar with pickleball and padel ball know how amazing the two games are. Both are played with a racket or paddle and ball, and the games are often intense. One must have physical agility and think strategically to successfully win either of the games. If you are curious about pickleball or padel ball and their value in exercise, this Fast CE For Less guide can help.

Today’s post will explore the two sports, their differences, and how beneficial they are. Knowing about them can help you explain the advantages of good exercise to your patients and their families to improve outcomes.

What are Pickleball and Padel Ball?

Pickleball is a paddle sport that is essentially a combination of tennis, table tennis, and badminton. You play the game with a paddle that’s similar to a large ping-pong paddle. The ball you play with is made of plastic and has holes, much like a wiffle ball. You play pickleball on a rectangular court much smaller than that for a tennis game. However, the court is still larger than a badminton court. The point structure is the same as in tennis and can be played in doubles and singles formats.

Padel ball is a relatively newer sport. Instead of a large ping pong paddle, it involves a racket. Where pickleball is similar to tennis, table tennis, and badminton, padel ball is more akin to squash and tennis. You play padel ball in a smaller court, enclosed in glass walls.

The balls used to play this are depressurized to keep the speed under control, and the “padel rackets” are solid with holes. The game is typically played in the doubles format, but it can be played in single format as well. The objective of the game is to get the ball past your opponents without letting it touch the ground. The point structure is similar to that of tennis.

Excellent Exercise for All Ages

The key factor for their popularity is that pickleball and padel ball offer great excercise for people of all ages. Due to their format and equipment used, both games are less strenuous than many other sports, making them more accessible. Here are a few reasons pickleball and padel ball are terrific sports for everyone:

  • Physical Exercise: Both sports involve a lot of movement, including running, quick reflexes, and agility. 
  • Muscle Development: The constant swinging of paddles or racquets in these sports engages various muscle groups, including the upper body, core, and lower body. 
  • Caloric Burning: The vigorous pace of these games can lead to substantial calorie burning, making them an excellent choice for those looking to maintain or lose weight.
  • Social Interaction: These sports are often played in a friendly, social setting, providing an opportunity to interact with others and build friendships.

Taking Care of the Body While Playing Pickleball and Padel Ball

As with any exercise, making the most of your workouts involves taking good care of yourself. Dehydration can lead to reduced performance, cramps, and other issues. As a nurse, you should recommend these sports as an exercise option. It is also important that you provide instruction on remaining hydrated during exercise. Drinking water and electrolyte-infused beverages is crucial to replenishing essential minerals lost through sweating.

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