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Renew Your RN License in Arkansas: A Step-by-Step Guide

Arkansas is a beautiful state, full of natural beauty and great activities for people who love to enjoy the great outdoors. Combined with the state’s reputably friendly attitude, it is no wonder why Arkansas is a great place to live and work. Even more, Arkansas residents also enjoy a lower cost of living compared to many other states. If you are a registered nurse, it can be an excellent destination for you.

The average base salary of a registered nurse in Arkansas is $107,830 per year. With a six-figure salary and low cost of living, the state also boasts plenty of excellent career opportunities for registered nurses. Like the rest of the country, Arkansas is facing a significant staffing shortage among nurses. For every 1,000 patients in the state, there are roughly 9 nurses, reflecting an alarming ratio. While the state is taking relevant measures to improve the ratio of nurses to patients, addressing the critical imbalanced nurse/patient ratio will take time.

As the state strives to hire more nurses, current practicing registered nurses must uphold the healthcare system by keeping their licenses active. If you are a registered nurse in Arkansas and are due to renew your license, Fast CE For Less has created this guide to streamline the process for you.

How to Renew Your Registered Nurse License in Arkansas

Renewing your registered nurse license is not about simply submitting an application to the board. To renew your credentials, you must follow the nursing continuing education requirements determined by the state’s nursing board. The Arkansas State Board of Nursing is responsible for issuing new and renewed licenses to registered nurses in Arkansas.

In this section of the guide, we will discuss the application deadline, nursing CEU requirements, and the process of filing your application with the board.

Step 1: When to Submit Your Renewal Application

To continue practicing legally, you must renew your registered nurse license before it expires. Each state’s nursing board issues licenses that expire every two to three years. Within that time period, license holders must fulfill the nursing continuing education requirements set by their board. If you fail to complete these requirements and file your application with the board, you risk lapsing your license. If your license expires, you must go through a longer and more expensive process to have your license reinstated.

The Arkansas State Board of Nursing has set a two-year renewal period for license holders. The board follows a staggered biennial date system to set the renewal period for individual license holders. After you receive your license, it will expire on your birthday the following year, unless your birthday is within three months. This means your initial license can last as short as three months and as long as 27 months. Beyond that, the renewal period will be two years.

The renewal period will open and become available at the Arkansas State Nursing Board’s nurse portal 60 days before the expiration date. It is recommended that you check your portal regularly to ensure you do not miss the deadline.

Step 2: Complete Your Nursing Continuing Education Requirements

Each state sets its own requirements for registered nurses to become eligible for renewed credentials. According to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing, you have three paths to explore to qualify for a renewed license:

  • Complete 15 contact hours of nursing continuing education courses from a provider that the Arkansas State Board of Nursing approves. If you choose this path, you must ensure that the continuing education courses are focused on the nursing practice.
  • Earn a certification or re-certification within your renewal period. However, you must ensure that this is done through a national certifying body that the Arkansas State Board of Nursing approves.
  • Complete an academic course related to nursing or a relevant field.

Completing contact hours in nursing continuing education courses offers a convenient method to qualify for a renewed license. It is also beneficial because it helps you expand your skill set and set yourself up for a better career as a registered nurse.

Remember that the Arkansas State Board of Nursing will not require you to complete any continuing education requirements if you are in your initial renewal cycle and it has been less than two years since you received your first license.

Step 3: File Your Application with the Arkansas State Board of Nursing

Within 60 days of the current license expiration date, you should complete the required nurse continuing education contact hours and begin filling out the application to renew your registered nurse license in Arkansas. You can access the Arkansas State Board of Nursing’s portal here and find the renewal application.

After clicking on the option, fill out the application based on the prompts you receive. Once you fill out the application, you must pay the license renewal fee online to submit the application to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.

The board will not request proof that you completed nursing CEU courses when renewing your license. However, we highly recommend keeping the certifications for a four-year period. The nursing board conducts random audits, and if you are audited, you must show proof of the certificates earned. Having the documents readily available is necessary to show to the board you’ve fulfilled your continuing competency requirements.

Understanding the Nursing Continuing Education Requirements

Every state’s nursing board sets its requirements for license holders to qualify for a renewed license. According to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing, license holders who want to become eligible for a new license have three ways to fulfill the requirements. They can get a certification or recertification by a national certifying body that the board recognizes, complete an academic course in nursing, or complete 15 practice hours of nursing continuing education courses from a source approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. Of the three, taking 15 hours of online nursing CEUs can be quite beneficial. To learn more about the continuing education requirements in Arkansas, visit www.fastceforless.com/nursing-ce-arkansas.

If you have not completed your nursing continuing education requirements, online nursing CEUs offered by Fast CE For Less can be of great help. In addition to expanding your knowledge and skills in various specialty areas, the courses can help you fulfill your nursing CEU requirements while managing your busy schedule.

To access flexible and affordable nursing continuation education course bundles, visit www.fastceforless.com.

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