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Renew RN License in Oregon – A Step-By-Step Guide

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states to live in, offering natural beauty and a range of outdoor activities, making it a popular destination for many people. The fact that there is no sales tax in the state makes it an excellent place to work.

The average base salary of a registered nurse in Oregon is $105,696 per year. While the salary matches the national average, the lack of sales tax makes Oregon more attractive for registered nurses than many other states.

That said, Oregon is also going through a staffing shortage among nurses. The Oregon Board of Nursing is taking steps to address the problem. However, the nursing shortage cannot be solved overnight. Until there is an adequate number of professionals to meet growing demand, currently practicing registered nurses must uphold the state healthcare system. To stay in practice across various healthcare settings, registered nurses in Oregon must renew their license on time.

There are several steps you must follow to apply for a renewed license. Fast CE For Less has created this guide to help license holders in Oregon understand the process of renewing their credentials.

How to Renew Your Registered Nurse License in Oregon

Nursing boards across the US issue licenses with two- to three-year renewal periods. Within the renewal periods, license holders must prove their continued competencies by fulfilling the requirements defined by their state’s nursing board. To renew your registered nurse license, you must know the application deadline, understand the nurse continuing education requirements, and the process of applying.

This section of the guide will explore the steps you must follow to renew your registered nurse license in Oregon.

Step 1: Determine the Application Deadline for License Renewal 

The nursing boards in every state define their own nursing continuing education requirements, renewal period length, and process. In most states, the renewal period lasts two to three years. Oregon has a two-year license renewal period for registered nurses. To make it easier for license holders to remember the expiry dates for their credentials, the Oregon Board of Nursing renews licenses during the period of the license holder’s birthday.

Once you receive your license, it will be effective for two years and will expire at 11:59 pm on your birthday in an even- or odd-numbered year. If you received your license in an even-numbered year but the board issued your license in an odd-numbered year, it will expire on your next birthday because registered nurse licenses in Oregon do not last more than two years. 

The Oregon Board of Nursing sends notices to all license holders about the deadline 90 days before the license expires. However, it is your responsibility to remember the date because not receiving the notification does not exempt you from adhering to the deadline. If you fail to submit your application before 11:59 pm on your birthday, you will be charged an extra $100 on top of the $145 renewal fee. If you fail to renew it after 30 days of the deadline, the board will charge you $50 for every additional day you take to renew your license. It’s always better to renew it beforehand.

Step 2: Fulfill Nursing Board Requirements for License Renewal 

Understanding the nursing board requirements in Oregon is essential. Many other states require a combination of work hours and minimum contact hours through nursing continuing education courses to be completed. However, the Oregon Board of Nursing has more extensive requirements for you to qualify for a renewal.

In each renewal period, you must retake at least an hour of the Oregon Pain Management Commission module and two hours of cultural competence continuing education courses. Oregon also has a one-time requirement for you to complete 7 contact hours of nursing continuing education courses on pain management.

Additionally, you must have 400 practice hours as a nurse within the renewal period. If you have worked less than 600 hours in the last three years, you must complete at least 20 contact hours of nurse continuing education courses. If you have less than 800 hours under your belt in the last four years, the required number of contact hours increases to 30 hours. For registered nurses with less than 960 hours of practice, the Oregon Board of Nursing requires them to apply for practice re-entry. All these stringent requirements allow the board to ensure a high standard of care delivery in the state.

Step 3: File Your Application with the Oregon Board of Nursing

To renew your registered nurse license in Oregon, you must create a user account on the state’s Licensing Portal here. Once you create an account using the credentials the board provides, you can log in to access the portal. If your renewal period is ending soon, you will see the option to renew your license. After selecting the option, you must follow the prompts and fill in the details required. Once you complete the form, you must pay the $145 license renewal fee online to submit it to the Oregon Board of Nursing.

Understand the Nursing Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal 

Nursing boards set varying nurse continuing education requirements for registered nurses to qualify for renewed credentials they must fulfill within their renewal periods. In Oregon, the requirements are far more complex than in most other states. To learn more about the nursing CEU requirements to renew your license in Oregon, visit www.fastceforless.com/nursing-ce-oregon.

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