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Renew RN License in Nevada – A Step-By-Step Guide

Known for cities like Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada offers a lot more that makes it a compelling place to live and work, especially as a registered nurse. Like most other states, Nevada is facing a staffing shortage among nurses. Due to the shortfall, there are more job opportunities for nurses in Nevada across several healthcare settings.

The average base salary for registered nurses in Nevada is over $90,400. While the average salary matches the national average, the lower cost of living in Nevada means that its nurses are paid among the highest mean salaries in the country. Additional attractive qualities about Nevada include very low crime rates, excellent food, and plenty of enjoyable activities.

The Nevada State Board of Nursing is taking measures to ensure more professionals join the healthcare workforce to fulfill the demand for registered nurses. In addition, currently practicing nurses are also going to be crucial in upholding the state’s healthcare system. If you are a licensed registered nurse in Nevada, you must be proactive in keeping your license current. You must renew your registered nurse license on time, or you will be barred from practicing nursing until you reinstate it.

There are a few critical steps involved in renewing your registered nurse license. Fast CE For Less has created this guide to help registered nurses in the state understand the process of renewing their registered nurse licenses to streamline the process when the time comes.

How to Renew Your Registered Nurse License in Nevada

There is no concept of permanent licenses for nurses in the US. When issuing licenses, nursing boards throughout the country set renewal periods lasting two to three years. License holders must understand the nursing board requirements for license renewal in their respective states, from the application deadline to continuing competency requirements, and how to file their applications with the nursing board on time.

Each state’s nursing board defines its own nurse continuing education requirements, application deadlines, and licensing fees. This section of the guide will explore the steps you must follow to renew your registered nurse license in Nevada.

Step 1: Identify the Final Date to Submit Your Application for License Renewal 

In Nevada, it is very easy for license holders to miss the deadline for their license renewal applications. Unlike other license-issuing bodies, the Nevada State Board of Nursing does not notify registered nurses about their license expiration dates or licensure renewal dates. If you are a registered nurse in the state, the responsibility to keep track of these things falls entirely on you.

In Nevada, a registered nurse’s license is valid for two years before they must renew it. To keep track of the renewal application deadline and license expiry dates, you must check your account on the Nurse Portal through the Nevada State Board of Nursing’s official website here.

The board will update your profile and add a link to renew your credentials 60 days before your license expires. You must access your portal account to check for the link and begin the process when the time comes. Failure to apply for a renewal before your license expires can cause your license to lapse. If that happens, you must go through a lengthy and more expensive process to reinstate your registered nurse license before you are qualified to practice again.

Step 2: Complete the Nurse Continuing Education Requirements 

Nursing boards nationwide set their own Nursing CEU requirements for renewed credentials. In Nevada, the board requires nurses to have passed the National Council of Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) within the previous five years. After the first license renewal period since graduation, registered nurses must complete at least 30 contact hours of nursing continuing education courses within their two-year renewal periods.

When taking nursing continuing education courses, license holders must ensure they complete courses provided by a state board-approved provider. They must also ensure that they complete at least four hours on cultural competency and four hours on bioterrorism-related continuing education courses in nursing.

While the Nevada State Board of Nursing does not request proof that you have completed the contact hours when you file your renewal application, we strongly suggest holding onto any documentation. The board conducts random audits, and if you are selected, you must have the certification readily available to present to the board.

Step 3: Complete Your Application 

To renew your registered nurse license in Nevada, you must fill out an application available on the nurse portal on the Nevada State Board of Nursing’s official website. The portal is available at this link. Access your account on the nurse portal using the credentials shared with you by the board when you initially received your license.

If there are 60 days or less left for your license to expire, you will find a link to the license renewal application. When you see the link, click on it and follow the prompts. After you complete the application, you must pay the license renewal fee to complete and submit your application to the Nevada State Board of Nursing. The license renewal fee for registered nurses in Nevada is $100. You can complete the payment online.

Understand the Nursing Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal 

Nursing boards set varying Nurse CEU requirements for registered nurses to fulfill within their renewal periods. In Nevada, license holders must complete at least 30 contact hours of nursing continuing education courses. Out of the 30 hours, at least four contact hours must be on Cultural Competency, and four contact hours must be one Bioterrorism. To learn more about the nurse continuing education requirements to renew your license in Nevada, visit www.fastceforless.com/nursing-ce-nevada.

For convenient, affordable, and flexible course bundles tailored to help you fulfill your Nursing CEU requirements, visit www.fastceforless.com.

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