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Renew RN License in Michigan – A Step-By-Step Guide

Considering that employers in Michigan employ more nurses per capita than the national average, and the average base salary for a registered nurse in Michigan matches the national average at $94,000 per year, it is easy to see why Michigan is an excellent place to live and work as a registered nurse.

Despite employing a higher number of registered nurses, Michigan is not immune to the nationwide staffing shortage. Recently, Michigan reported having 8,500 vacant positions in hospitals across the state. A study by the University of Michigan also found that around 39% of the surveyed nurses plan to leave their jobs in 2024. Chronic understaffing is one of the many reasons for the crisis in Michigan. While the Michigan Board of Nursing needs to take measures to address the problem, currently licensed registered nurses will be crucial in keeping the state’s healthcare system afloat. To maintain their license, registered nurses in Michigan must renew their credentials on time.

Renewing your license as a registered nurse in Michigan isn’t as simple as filing an application. You must know the renewal requirements and follow a few steps to renew your license. Fast CE for Less has created this guide to help you understand the requirements to renew your license.

How to Renew Your Registered Nurse License in Michigan

Nursing boards throughout the US issue licenses to nurses in their states with two to three-year renewal periods. Before the renewal period ends, license holders must complete a set of requirements set by the board and file an application for renewed credentials.

To renew your registered nurse license in Michigan, you must familiarize yourself with the duration of the renewal period and expiration deadline, the nursing continuing education requirements, and the application process. In this section of the guide, we will cover these details.

Step 1: Identify the Renewal Period and Deadline to Submit Your License Renewal Application i

The nursing boards in every state define their own renewal periods and deadlines. Typically, renewal periods last 24 to 36 months. In Michigan, the Michigan Board of Nursing has set the renewal period to a duration of two years. In several states, nursing boards tie the expiration date for licenses to the birthdays of license holders. In Michigan, an RN license is valid for two years. The board will send a renewal notification postcard 90 days before a registered nurse’s license expires.

It is essential to keep track of your license status yourself. Failing to receive the notification postcard due to a change of address will not exempt you from renewing your license on time. There is a 60-day grace period after the expiration date, and you will not be required apply for a license reinstatement. However, the Michigan Board of Nursing will charge an additional $20 in addition to the $128.50 license renewal fee. It is always better to renew your license without missing the deadline to avoid the extra expenses.

Step 2: Fulfill Nursing Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal

Understanding the Michigan board of nursing continuing education requirements is essential for renewing your license on time. The nurse continuing education requirements prove to the board that you are fit to continue providing a high standard of care delivery. The requirements can include completing a certain number of work hours, certifications, or contact hours through nursing continuing education courses.

In Michigan, you must complete at least 25 contact hours of nursing continuing education courses within the two-year renewal period. In addition, you must complete at least two contact hours of nursing continuing education on pain and pain symptom management. Also, you must complete at least two contact hours of nursing continuing education on implicit bias. Nurses renewing their license for the first time must also complete a one-time training course on human trafficking.

 An essential part of qualifying for a renewed license is ensuring that you complete these courses through a provider approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing.

Step 3: Complete Your License Renewal Application 

Once you complete the nursing CEU requirements set by the Michigan Board of Nursing, you must complete your application with the board before your license expires. The board no longer accepts paper applications for license renewal. You must process your application and payment online.

Fortunately, the process is simple. When you initially receive your license, you will also get an account made on the MiPLUS online portal here.  When there are fewer than 90 days left for your license to expire, you will see the option to renew your license on the portal. Once you login, click on the option and provide all the documents requested. Once you complete the application, you can pay the $128.50 renewal fee online via a debit or credit card to finish the process.

Understand the Nursing Continuing Education Requirements for License Renewal

Nursing boards set varying nurse continuing education requirements for registered nurses to qualify for license renewal. Michigan’s nursing board requirements are much easier to understand than in most states. If you want to know more about the nurse CEU requirements for nurses to renew their license in Michigan, visit www.fastceforless.com/nursing-ce-michigan.

To access tailored, convenient, and affordable course bundles designed to help you complete your nurse continued education requirements in Michigan, the online nursing CEUs by Fast CE For Less are available at www.fastceforless.com. With these course bundles, you can manage fulfilling your nursing continuing education requirements through a state board-approved provider.

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