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Renew Missouri RN License: A Step-By-Step Guide

Located in the heart of the country, Missouri is an amazing place that offers a lot to people who live and work there. Boasting a low cost of living and good wages, Missouri is also a popular place for registered nurses to call home. With an annual average base salary for a registered nurse in Missouri around the same as the national average of $87,795 per year, the state is an excellent option for those wanting a lucrative career in health care.

The United States is going through a staffing shortage in the healthcare industry, particularly among nurses across all specializations. According to the Missouri Hospital Association, nurse vacancies in the state increased from 11% in 2019 to 17.4% in 2022, indicating a sharp rise.

The Missouri Division of Professional Registration oversees issuing and renewing licenses to nursing professionals working in the state. While the board is encouraging more professionals to join the ranks in Missouri’s healthcare workforce, currently practicing professionals must also contribute to upholding the state’s healthcare system.

Nursing boards issue licenses that expire every two to three years. Within every renewal period, registered nurses practicing in the state must fulfill their nursing continuing education requirements, and then complete an application to renew their registered nurse licenses. To avoid expiration of their license, nurses must ensure the application for renewal is submitted before their license lapses.

Fast CE For Less has created this guide to help you understand the nursing board requirements for a registered nurse license renewal in Missouri.

How to Renew Your Registered Nurse License in Missouri

Nursing boards throughout the country issue licenses to healthcare professionals that expire every two to three years. The time between the issuance of a license and when it expires is referred to as the renewal period. During each renewal period, license holders must fulfill a set of requirements set by the board to qualify for renewed credentials, fill out an application, and file it with the board.

This section of the guide will explore the steps involved in renewing a registered nurse license in Missouri to help you streamline the process for a hassle-free renewal.

Step 1: Determine the Last Date to Submit Your Registered Nurse License Renewal Application

Each state’s nursing board sets its own renewal period and the final date for submitting license renewal applications. The Missouri Division of Professional Registration has simplified this step by setting April 30 of every odd-numbered year as the expiration date for all registered nurse licenses.

Additionally, nurses must enroll in the e-Notify program in NURSYS System by visiting www.nursys.com/enotify. Registering on the platform is a good way to ensure you do not miss the deadline. The system will send you reminders about your license renewal, ensuring you get adequate time to prepare, fill out, and submit your application to the board.

Every license holder will receive license renewal instructions approximately three months before the renewal period ends. In Missouri, there is no late submission for the application. If you fail to renew your application on time, your license will lapse. if your license lapses, you must fill out a form to reinstate your license, submit additional fees to the board, and submit a criminal background check and fingerprints for an entirely new license. It is essential to avoid the lengthy reinstatement process by submitting your application on time.

Step 2: Fulfill Nurse Continuing Education Requirements

Fulfilling nurse continuing education requirements is a prerequisite to qualify for a renewed license across all nursing specializations. By requiring nurses to do this, nursing boards can ensure a high standard of care delivery to patients. These requirements can vary from one state to another.

While most state nursing boards require registered nurses to complete a certain number of contact hours via nursing continuing education courses to qualify, Missouri does not. The Missouri Division of Professional Registration does not ask registered nurses to fulfill any continuing competency requirements to be considered eligible for a renewed license.

Despite the state’s board not requiring you to fulfill continuing education requirements, it might pay off taking them to advance your career.

Step 3: Complete the Application with the Missouri Division of Professional Registration

When you register with the NURSYS e-Notify system, you will receive a notification from the platform to renew your license when the time is near. In the notification, the service will provide you with a set of instructions to follow and a copy of Missouri’s Petition for License Renewal form. You must complete the form, sign it, notarize it, and then send it to the Missouri Division of Professional Registration, along with $60 as the fee to renew your credentials. You must mail your application to the board at:

Missouri State Board of Nursing
P.O. Box 656
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0656

After you submit the license renewal application and fees, keep checking your profile with NURSYS. The e-Notify service will issue a notification to inform you about the change in your license’s status when it is renewed.

Understand the Importance of Nursing Continuing Education Courses to Advance Your Career

Nursing boards in the US require registered nurses to complete a required number of contact hours through nursing continuing education courses to qualify for license renewal. Some states have additional nursing continuing education requirements, including taking specific courses to qualify for license renewal. By enacting these requirements, these regulatory bodies ensure a high standard of care delivery within their jurisdictions.

While the Missouri Division of Professional Registration has not outlined any requirements to fulfill during the renewal period to be eligible for license renewal, it never hurts to indulge in helpful courses. Nursing continuing education courses give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills. Depending on the specialization you want to choose in the future, online nursing CEUs like those offered by Fast CE for Less can help you make those career goals more achievable by increasing your knowledge. You can learn more about license renewal requirements for Missouri by visiting www.fastceforless.com/nursing-ce-missouri.

If you are looking for convenient, affordable, and flexible course bundles designed to help you advance your career, visit www.fastceforless.com.

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